The benefits of cloud phone systems for remote workers

Friday, 8th July 2022

Companies are increasingly embracing a whole new workforce that pre-pandemic might have been considered more unusual for its approach: the remote worker. The remote worker, whether that is partially or fully remote, has risen sharply in popularity since 2020 and the rapid shift to remote and hybrid working.

As more and more potential employees are looking for a job that helps them blend the home and the office, or even being 100% fully remote, companies now need to adapt their current communication systems to deliver a customer experience that is unaffected by employee location. Choosing cloud phone systems can create amazing benefits for remote workers and businesses will see the rewards of a dedicated business phone in greater productivity, flexible work-life balance for staff, and improved customer feedback.

Collaborate with colleagues

For remote workers, it can be easy to feel isolated from your colleagues or team. Especially for new starters, reaching out to your teammates can feel quite daunting if you have not met in person yet. With a cloud phone system, remote workers have multiple options to collaborate with colleagues and communicate with customers. Whether that is with mobile or desk phones, or using their computers and softphone capabilities like video calling, instant messaging, and collaborative chats. Remote workers can communicate in the way that best suits them and with cloud phones making it easier than ever, collaboration can still feel exactly as it would in the office.

Effective call management and monitoring

For employees who deal with high call volume, such as customer support or supply chain management, ensuring you can deliver the same quality of service remote as you would on-site is critical. A dedicated cloud phone system means that calls can be managed with features like automated menus to direct callers to the right source, hold music, call queueing, and monitoring of call quality. Remote workers can access all the features they need to effectively manage calls and deliver a great customer experience, without any reduction in quality of service. Live chat or instant messaging features also add another option for customer communication and can help make work more efficient.

Integrated range of communication features

One of the best advantages of choosing a dedicated cloud phone system for remote workers is the range of featured they come with. Designed to help make the working day easier, cloud phone features are beneficial to remote workers who need to effectively manage their workload and calls. Integrated communication features for cloud phones include: virtual receptionist, automated menus or switchboard, call holding, call forwarding, voicemail, instant messaging, and video calling. Cloud phones can also include fixed mobile convergence (FMC) which eliminates the need for separate mobile and landline numbers, consolidating calls, reducing confusion and it’s also enabled for handover between devices too for smooth call transfer and no interruption in customer service.

Flexible to your working day

Remote workers are often looking for a phone system that allows them to work in a more flexible way to accommodate an improved work-life balance. Cloud telephone systems, thanks to their range of features and ability to be accessed from anywhere, anytime, are a great solution to this. Many cloud phone systems allow calls to be handed over between devices, whether that’s desk or mobile phones, or from computer to another device.

For remote employees who work in shifts, cloud phones make it possible to set up in a location that will not disturb the rest of the house without compromising your work or call quality. Employees who need to flex their working day around family commitments can also easily pick up calls later or earlier with no change in system. Equally, if a remote worker needs to visit a site for inspection or maintenance, cloud phones only require a stable internet connection to deliver many of their features, making it an ideal solution for scattered workforces.

If a cloud phone system sounds like it could be the right fit for your remote workers or growing business, speak to the experts at Enreach today to find out more about how we can help transform your communications.

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