The best business mobile deals for your business

Tuesday, 14th April 2020
Best business mobile deals

Business mobiles have always been an essential part of a business’ communication package and never more so than during the current climate. Business mobiles allow you to keep in contact with your colleagues, suppliers and customers without the requirement of being in the office To make sure your business is getting the best deal on business mobiles, we have discussed the latest handsets and the different packages on offer.

The latest business mobiles

When it comes to the latest business mobiles the top two players, iPhone and Samsung both have new handsets on the market. Samsung has recently unveiled the new S20 range, with both 5G and 4G capabilities. The Samsung S20 has a trio of cameras with top of the range quality which makes photo sharing and video calling that much easier.

As with any update, the Samsung S20 device offers better battery life than previous models which is essential when working from home. The model enjoys 4,000mAH battery in comparison to 3,400mAH found in its predecessor. Plus, the business mobile offers a huge 128GB of internal storage as well as a microSD card slot expanding storage up to 1TB meaning all of your business files and data can be saved, and accessed, without a problem.

Apple has recently released the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 has a dual-lens camera with an ultra-wide lens which is makes for great quality when utilising video conferencing as well as for any photos or videos needed for work use. In addition, the iPhone 11 has the toughest glass screen of any business mobile on the market making it a great option for employees who are often on the go. Unlike the iPhone XR which came before the iPhone 11, this new model has the best battery life out of all of the Apple options. Plus, it comes with a variety of storage options ranging from 64GB to 256GB.

Features that will help your business

It isn’t just the handset itself which will make business mobiles a welcome addition to your telecoms set up, it’s the features that come with having a business mobile. Mobile integration seamlessly connects your business mobile with your phone system which is perfect for remote working as you can access your system, wherever you are. This means you can seamlessly transfer calls to different departments and set up call queues to make sure no calls are missed when you’re unavailable.

The best packages on offer

When it comes to choosing the best business mobile package for your company there are two main options to consider; SIM only or phone package.

SIM only packages give you a SIM with unlimited UK calls, texts and data to use in an existing business mobile device. We offer SIM only packages on O2 from only £17 per month and on Vodafone from only £22 per month.

We recommend considering a phone package that incorporates both your SIM and a new handset to keep up to date with the best technology. Our packages for the new Samsung S20 come with unlimited data, UK calls and texts start from just £50 per month.

Alternatively, you can grab the brand-new iPhone 11 with unlimited data, UK calls and texts from just £42 per month.

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