The difference between business and home phone services

Monday, 5th September 2022

If you’ve recently set up a business, or your business is going through a growth phase, you might well be starting to think about investing in a dedicated business phone system. However, if your small business manages well enough at the moment without a phone system, you could also be wondering about why to invest in one. It’s possible that a simple domestic mobile or home phone service has worked fine for you up until this point, or you’ve not had the need to investigate into more business dedicated services.

There are some significant differences between business and home phone services, especially when it comes to range of features, security, scalability, and hybrid working. If you want to keep pace in a fast-changing world of cloud technology, investing in a business phone system could be a great step in the right direction.

Range of call features

One of the biggest differences between home and business phone services is the range of call features you can access. With a domestic phone service, you might get something as basic as voicemail, or maybe the option to pop someone on hold briefly.

With a dedicated business phone, especially one that uses cloud telephony, you can access a huge range of features that not only improve employee productivity, but they also help reduce admin and enhance the customer experience.

Business phone features include:

  • Call queueing and call forwarding. Get customers directed to the right place and right person, in an appropriate timeframe.
  • Automated menu and virtual attendant. Help direct queries in the first instance, reducing wait time and improving your ‘first time fix’ rate, where customers get the information they want on their first call.
  • On hold marketing messages. When people do have to wait on hold, use the time to upsell your other services and thank them for their patience, rather than sitting in silence.
  • Video calls. Introduce video calls and chats for a more friendly, personable customer experience and improve team collaboration.
  • Document sharing. For quick collaboration and easy information access, cloud business phones allow for documents to be shared between colleagues.

You may not think you need all of these features, but you’ll be surprised how much more you get out of your business phone system by having them as options. Customers value having speedy responses to queries, and improving collaboration in your team is always invaluable for better productivity and relationships.


As many business phones use the cloud nowadays, for its range of features and flexible nature, this means that the broadband connection used to operate it is also a potential route for security threats.

Unlike home phones, which will only have a very basic level of security, business cloud phones have built in firewalls, two factor or multi factor authentication protocols, and password protected servers. Business cloud phones also offer end-to-end encryption, meaning no one can intercept your data.

Protect your staff and customer data with a secure business phone that has regular security updates, checks, and can be supported with additional IT security management for peace of mind.

Scalable and flexible

While you might not be actively planning to grow your business, knowing that your phone system technology can keep pace always leaves the door open for future expansion. Business phone systems, especially cloud phones, can scale and flex with your business, employee, and customer needs. Whether you experience seasonal demand, switch to a hybrid working model, or start working with international customers, business phone systems can keep up where home phones fall down.

It’s easy to add more ‘seats’ with a cloud business plan, so you can always accommodate more staff on your network. Equally, you can retract this in quieter periods so you’re never paying for things you don’t use. As broadband is the key operating factor for many business phones, if staff have access to reliable internet, you can give them the freedom to work from anywhere, allowing improved work-life balance. Business phone systems offer staff the ability to work smarter and access more features.

Cost Savings

Running individual home landlines or separate home mobile packages gets expensive and complicated fast. By investing in a single business phone system that can cover desk phones, mobile phones, and softphone capabilities, you can save money and time.

Cloud business phones eliminate the need for expensive landline upgrades and maintenance, while bringing a host of useful features to the table. A consolidated business phone package is more cost-effective for your business and allows employees to divide their work and personal devices easily.

To find out more about the power of switching to a business phone system, chat to the helpful experts at Enreach today.

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