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Friday, 29th July 2022
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As a business, your goal is to deliver the best possible service to your customers. Yet with the rise of social media and online review sites like TripAdvisor, Trustpilot and Yelp, it’s more important than ever to ensure that all areas of your organisation are providing a great customer experience. While you may think that you can rely on traditional contact centre models, there are other ways to maintain customer satisfaction – specifically webchat, to keep your business up to date with the times.

Customer expectations are changing

Today, customers expect to be able to get in touch with you when and how they want. They also expect to be able to interact with you in a way that suits them—and that’s something you can help them achieve by embracing webchat. That’s because today’s customers are using new technologies like web chat to communicate their needs and concerns, which means that businesses need to adapt too. You can differentiate yourself from other companies by giving your customers the ability to use the best method for their needs, whether that involves calling on the phone or picking up a query through one of the many channels.

But what makes webchats so appealing?

Your customers want to start the conversation

The shift toward conversational interfaces is an inevitable by-product of the way customers view their relationship with your business because a personal relationship is now holding its weight against transactional relationships.

Customers are increasingly used to using conversation to engage with the businesses they use, whether it’s through live chat or a phone call with customer service. They expect companies to be able to handle these interactions effectively and efficiently—and if you can’t keep up, you run the risk of losing them for good. It all adds into the customer experience, every touch point and interaction with the customer is important.

To be clear: It isn’t enough just to offer live chat on your website—or even a full-fledged chatbot if it isn’t helping your customers fulfill their needs, quickly. You have to actively approach customer conversations as opportunities rather than interruptions; otherwise, they won’t be successful experiences for either party involved!

How can utilising Webchat help my business?

Webchat is a fast, efficient and cost-effective way of engaging with your customers. It’s much more convenient for them than calling on the phone, sending an email or posting on social media because it saves time. It’s also more cost-effective compared to other forms of chat support because you don’t have to pay for staff training or provide them with any additional hardware (like headsets).

Using this method of communication means that you can quickly resolve simple queries straight away without having to spend time looking for an answer elsewhere or waiting around for someone else in your office who may be able to help. You can also offer a number of instant responses so that no matter what question they ask, there’s always going to be something relevant available right away!

Webchat could improve your first call resolution rates

First call resolution (FCR) rates are a key metric for customer service. Measuring FCR allows you to quickly assess how well your team is doing, and if they’re meeting the standards of excellence that have been set for them.

Webchat could improve those first call resolution rates because it gives customers more options when they need help, allowing them to get in touch with your business at the time, place and in the way that suits them best.

At Enreach, we offer our customer experience team cross-departmental training, so that they are better equipped to offering a first time resolution, this in addition to our use of webchat, has vastly improved our customer experience, and has even helped to gain us some 5 star reviews.

Webchat allows customers to connect with you in a way that suits them

It is important for your customer to be able to contact you in a way that suits them, as you want them to feel like they are part of a convenient process. Equally it is important that your customer knows if they have any problems they can get in touch with you easily.

With live chat, your agents can handle multiple interactions at once

This is a big deal: if you’re talking to a customer and another one comes in, you don’t have to drop everything and leave them hanging so that you can help the new visitor. You can simply put the first conversation on hold while you finish with the second one.

This saves time for both agents and customers. Agents don’t need to stop what they’re doing in order to help other customers or take phone calls from prospective customers. Customers know that their questions won’t go unanswered because someone else will be there shortly in any case! When it comes down to it, that’s what this feature does best: make sure everyone gets what they came for when they arrive at your site/business/website.

Webchat can reduce the volume of calls your contact centre receives

One of the most common reasons customers call is to get answers. Webchat can be used to answer simple questions, like “what are your opening hours?” or “how much is shipping?” And nearly half of all customer service interactions on can be handled via webchat. In other words, using this tool could help you cut down on support calls significantly.

Your customers expect fast responses when they get in touch with you

The speed of your response is crucial. Customers expect fast responses, and they’re going to be disappointed if they don’t get a quick response. Delays will damage your brand, create negative reviews and increase the chances that customers simply give up on you altogether. That’s why embracing webchat can be so beneficial for your business: it allows you to respond quickly—and gives your customers all the reassurance they need that their problem is being handled at all times.

By using a cloud based omnichannel solution like Enreach Contact, you have all the capabilities of a business phone, with all the possibilities of integrations, like webchat, mobile, and more. Future proofing your business means delivering a good quality of work everywhere, embracing all channels of communication and delivering an excellent customer experience, whether that be one-to-one physical interactions or digitally. At Enreach we are all about unifying communications solutions to that you can seamlessly work wonders from anywhere. If you would like to hear more about how we can help you to enrich your communications you can call us on 0333 3603 723 or email us at

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