Should we have the ‘right to disconnect’?

Wednesday, 22nd December 2021
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Our Director of People and Culture, Steve Webb, has discussed whether people should have the right to disconnect whilst having the great advantage to work from anywhere, anytime.

As we are working harder than ever, most of us feel the need for a break. But should people have the right to disconnect? Many of us quickly check our emails whilst getting ready in the morning; join a virtual call through our lunch break or review a presentation late into the evening once family routines have been completed. Increased flexibility has been a great advantage for many employees over the last 18 months, but it has also meant that we have had less and less opportunities to disconnect.

Has the old saying ‘work life balance’ been replaced with a more flexible version, work life integration? While for some colleagues a traditional hours and zero distraction is what they crave. For others, that flexibility to juggle busy professional and personal lives means ultimately greater flexibility.

If the last 18 months have taught us anything, ‘work’ is what we do, its not where we ‘go’ but that also brings challenges to how we ensure productivity, application and team morale and collaboration.

Striking a balance between the workplace and home life has become increasingly more difficult. A recent study from NordVPN Teams suggested UK workers have increased their working week by almost 25%.

Further research from the remote team-building firm Wildgoose found 44% of UK employees reported being expected to do more work over the last year, with those at mid-sized firms most likely to report an increased workload. Therefore, with increased workloads, people’s jobs are becoming increasingly entwined with their personal lives at a time when the two must remain distinct.

The most important question is how we create positive ways of working that are good for people’s well-being and improve people’s work-life integration. A ‘one size fits all’ approach is unlikely to be the answer, rather it’s about assessing customer requirements, understanding colleagues personal circumstances and motivations and having the right tools that enables your approach.

I would love to hear your challenges and how you are addressing this important point.

As one of the leading unified communications providers, our primary goal is to connect people at any time and from any location. We welcome and support SMEs as they make the transition to hybrid working, and we understand how this can affect work-life balance.

SMEs must be able to communicate and interact with their customers at any time and from any location. This is especially important when it comes to developing strong and long-lasting relationships with their customers. Businesses must have time to focus on what they do best without being distracted. We want to ensure SME businesses and their customers get the best result, but we understand that for everyone a positive work-life balance is extremely important.

By utilising Enreach’s products and engineers, you eliminate the operation’s middleman. As a result, SMEs using traditional, hybrid, or remote models never have to worry about disappointing their customers. They should only have faith in a hybrid system with a dependable support network.

We are committed to providing every SME business with the technology they require to advance in their industry.

Our engineers and customer experience representatives are available during working hours to assist with technology communications making the process simple and stress-free for all parties. Enreach’s solutions are bespoke to each SME so you can work smarter to save time and money. We are promoters of a positive work-life balance and believe it is critical, especially now that we have the technology to make it a reality.

We recognise that hybrid working has quickly become the new normal and for many, it still feels unfamiliar. Excellent communication takes away the amount of time spent working out of hours and allows employees to disconnect and implement a positive work-life balance.

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