The ultimate business telephony checklist

Wednesday, 25th August 2021
Are you looking to upgrade or switch your existing business phone system? Trying to find the perfect phone system for your business’ needs can feel daunting. Before you jump into choosing a new solution, it’s important to slow down and consider the needs of your organisation.  

We’ve put together a handy checklist of everything you need to consider for a brand-new phone system, which will help you to analyse your requirements when weighing up your options. 

Download the checklist today.


Trying to find the most suitable phone system provider for your business’ needs can be challenging. There’s a lot of considerations to think about, such as the level of customer service you’ll receive, costs and their reputation.  

Find out how phone system providers will work alongside your business – do they have dedicated account managers available? Do they provide training on how to use your products? Are engineers available when things go wrong? 


When looking for a new phone system, you’ll want to consider the following: 

How much are you looking to spend?

Looking for a phone system that you can afford that does everything you need is vital. There’ll be little point in looking for a phone system with all the bells and whistles, that costs a lot of money that won’t be used to its full potential.  

Conversely, scrimping on a phone system that is basic but cheap may seem like a great way to pinch costs, but could restrict your productivity and flexibility in the long-term.  

Security is important!

Security measures to your business’ systems are vital. The way that your telephony (or any integrated) system is kept secure should be at the forefront of your decision, especially when dealing with sensitive information.  

If you choose a cloud-based service, find out where the responsibility of security lies, and if there are any protections for security in your contract. Confirm that all data is end-to-end encrypted and advanced security measures like two-factor authentication are set up.  

Where are your team based?

The pandemic has totally shifted the way we approach our working style. More of us are now working between the office and home, or shifted to working remotely all the time. With the need for flexible working patterns, you’ll likely need a more robust cloud phone system that lets you work anywhere.  

This leads us to the next consideration you’ll need to make… 

What devices do you want to use?

Imagine if you could keep one phone number and be able to answer your calls on any device, no matter where you are. This is totally achievable with a cloud solution, such as Enreach Contact. With built-in softphone capability, keep your conversations going across multiple devices, such as your landline, mobile phone or even your PC.  

Mobile applications that maintain the functionality of your traditional desk phones can be a great solution for your front-line staff, remote workers, and roaming sales teams. Your teams may need a VoIP system that travels with them but be mindful that not all softphones are created equally. You may be missing some features, such as call-recording or voicemail integration when using certain devices, so check first! 

Ultimately, no matter where you’re working, you’ll keep up your comms continuity, and your callers won’t even know! 

What do you want to integrate with your telephony system? 

As the end of ISDN approaches, you’ll need to move towards an internet-based, VoIP telephony system. With this change comes a massive opportunity for your business; you’ll be able to add your software integrations, such as CRM and ticketing options to your telephony system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ticketing integrations are available to VoIP systems and can be easily set up. This can help to streamline the information being handled throughout your organisation, spending less time duplicating data across systems and makes reporting a breeze.  

Are you looking to replace all your systems in one go?

Choosing the right business telephony providers, especially a VoIP provider, can be a great way to combine all your communication needs in one place. This makes billing easier, smoother integrations and keeps your comms working together in harmony.  

This style of service delivery is known as UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service. Most UCaaS providers deliver services such as: 

  • Telephony solutions, including VoIP landlines and mobile. 
  • Virtual meeting solutions, such as conference calling and video software.
  • Unified messaging and email with voicemail. 
  • Instant messaging 
  • Desktop clients
  • Integrated contact centres and communications platforms

    If you are looking at putting multiple tools in place to transform the way your team works, consider a UCaaS provider to help you become more productive and fuel your business’ success.  

    Don’t forget to download the ultimate business telephony checklist here to help you consider your requirements.

    Want to find out how our telephony solutions can help you increase your productivity and reduce your costs? Or are you just looking for some friendly, impartial advice on the best tools to make communicating a breeze? We can help! Contact us today via our live chat, call 0333 3603 423, or email

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