It’s 2022! Time to upgrade your business phone system.

Friday, 7th January 2022
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It’s 2022 now, another year for success. Every few years there’s always brand-new technology that we use in our personal lives. We update our phones, laptops, and even our tablets. But this is the same with business technology, so when was the last time you upgraded your business phone system? With hybrid working here to stay, it might be time to upgrade your business phone system, if you haven’t yet.

Let us take you through 5 reasons that now it time to upgrade your business phone system

Now is the time to create a seamless connection between your remote and office-based staff. However, it can be daunting to replace your legacy phone system and there is always a great fear of the unknown. But, don’t panic, we are here to help.

Your company has outgrown your phone system

Has your company expanded outside your phone systems capability? Is your company predicted to grow even faster in the coming year? It may be too expensive to add new phone lines, and why would you?

With a cloud phone system like Enreach Contact, the scalability is un-compared. If you want to add new phone lines it can be done within a few clicks, you can also add features to deal with your seasonal changes and combat the communication divide between remote and office workers, as you can access this system anytime, anywhere.

Less variety of virtual communication features

We are now in 2022 which means your phone system can be so much more than just a phone system. With the advancements in telecommunications and technology available, businesses now have access to many opportunities and top-notch services and features. And so, if your current phone system is offering you the bare minimum, then you are missing out.

With advanced services like:

And many more, this can help with the overall efficiency of your communications as well as improve call management with features that enable you to show your business number from your mobile, and flip live calls between devices.

You would have the ability to communicate from any device, any time.  This ensures a much better customer experience by providing your business with the right communication tools to create contact magic.

Unable to integrate your phone systems with other business applications

These days Integration is a key feature in technology, that can completely optimise your phone system for your business needs. It’s also likely that your competitors have already upgraded to a unified communications system that can integrate with business applications, such as a CRM system to allow screen pops and intelligent call routing, or a CRM to manage leads. With features like this, you can enhance efficiency and improve the customer experience. If your phone system lacks these modern features, then you risk your competitors being ahead of the game.

Your Business phone system doesn’t support VoIP

With the ISDN and PTSN lines becoming obsolete by 2025, that is now just 3 years away. If you have a traditional phone system that doesn’t support VoIP, then it is 100% time to upgrade. The future is in the cloud and if you aren’t a part of it, you will struggle to keep up. You can read here to learn the many benefits of a VoIP system.

Your phone system “just doesn’t work as well as it used to”

With technology over a certain period, sometimes we start to see more issues, for example, have you had your phone system for many years? Have you noticed that recently there seems to always be minor problems or inconveniences? Do you find yourself relying on maintenance more frequently?

If you are experiencing these issues, it is a very strong indicator that it’s time to revamp your business phone system.

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