Top tips for minimising business disruption

Wednesday, 25th March 2020
Top tips for minimising business disruption

During the coming weeks, businesses will be looking at ways in which they can minimise disruption as much as possible. Many businesses are having to utilise new telephony and IT solutions in order to work remotely, which in itself can cause disruption – but it doesn’t have to! Our tech experts have provided their top tips for ensuring business continuity when using new and unfamiliar technology.

Installing a new IT and telephony system that allows you and your employees to effectively and efficiently work from home is imperative. As a leading telecoms and IT provider, our main aim is to supply businesses with a setup that allow them to operate as normally as possible. So, how is this possible without disruption?

Your IT solutions

A new tech setup, whether it be IT or telephony, can be done totally remotely. In order to install a remote IT setup all that is required is a VPN or a hosted server which links through to the business’ data and local software. This means that new technology, such as additional laptops, can be set up and shipped out to your employee’s homes ready to use. This means that your staff are able to keep working as if they were in the office, as they will have access to all of their usual data.

With this being said, we also recommend using additional cloud backup systems throughout this time as well as ensuring you have a solid disaster recovery plan in place.

Your phone system

When it comes to your business telephone system, the main way to ensure business continuity is to prioritise answering calls, so that few to no calls are missed. This can be done by transferring calls to a mobile or setting up your employees up with a plug and play system which will be programmed and then sent out to your employees’ locations so that their desk phones will ring in their houses. This means that call groups can be set up as normal to ensure that individual members of staff aren’t taking the strain of all of your incoming calls.

Of course, both your IT and telephony tech can be set up by yourselves with the help of remote engineers, who can video call you and assist you with your setup. This goes for support too so that if you or your employees encounter a technical error that threatens to disrupt your business, you can simply video in, show the engineer the issue and get it fixed with their assistance.

Once your new technology is set up and your remote working begins, it is important to keep in touch with your team as much as possible. Check in with each other, discuss things via calls and video conferences and make plans to stick to, wherever possible. These handy tips will make business continuity that little bit easier.

If you require free advice on remote working or would like to discuss a new IT or telephony setup for your remote workers get in touch with our team today on 0333 3603 723 or

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