Top tools for remote collaboration

Thursday, 23rd April 2020
Top collaboration tools

Top tools for remote collaboration

Team collaboration is essential for successful remote working and there are loads of great tools available to help. But which ones are right for your business?

It’s easy to sign up for lots of tools that claim to “make remote working easier” but it’s important to focus on the tools that you actually need to ensure that you aren’t overwhelming your teams with new programs, new ways of collaborating and new login details to remember! Our tech experts have given their recommendations for the top remote collaboration tools.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing is more important now than ever before, it’s imperative that your team members remain part of a team and don’t feel isolated. Video conferencing is a perfect way for your team to chat both casually and professionally. We recommend using Enreach Meetings for video conferencing as it allows both private and group meetings which makes it perfect for team discussions and even virtual lunch breaks across the company. It also allows for document sharing, screen sharing, complete control over your microphone and audio and you can record your meetings at the touch of a button. We are currently offering Enreach Meetings Pro for free until September 30th.

Document sharing

Google docs is our top recommendation when it comes to document sharing. Free to use, all you need is a Google account and you’re able to share documents with your team. Everyone with access to the document is able to edit the document which makes it easy to collaborate on projects for no cost at all. Google docs is available on all devices meaning that your team will be able to access your documents from their computer, business mobile and desk phone. One of the main reasons that we recommend Google docs is because changes are saved automatically which means you don’t have to worry about losing any changes, perfect for when there are a number of people working on a document.

Team discussions

With remote working it is really important that your team keeps in contact regularly, not only to discuss projects but also to keep in touch and have those social chats, as if you were in the office! We recommend using Microsoft Teams as, although it comes free with Office 365, it is separate to your email account meaning it is easy to discuss things without being distracted by other emails. The chat-based collaboration platform allows for more than just chats! It also offers document sharing, screen sharing and audio conferencing.

Help requirements

One of the downsides of working out of the office is when the situation arises that you, or one of your team members, needs help. It’s not always easy to describe what the problem is over the phone, sometimes you simply need to see the issue. We recommend using Team Viewer to ensure that should you encounter any technical issues; your team can log onto Team Viewer and access your computer in order to locate and fix any issues you may be experiencing. Team Viewer is free, and we recommend downloading it as a standard feature on all of your business technology.

External suppliers

Many businesses are continuing to work as close to normal as possible while working remotely which means work from suppliers is still required. Now is a great time for businesses to be working on their online presence meaning a lot of collaboration with graphic designers, design agencies and marketing agencies. The tool we recommend for external collaboration is Basecamp. A website that creates camps for each of your projects, giving access to those who need it both within and outside of your business. This is another free application and allows for easy project management with requested changes and progress being shown to everyone in the team in one place.

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