Understanding how UCaaS can benefit SME businesses and customers

Friday, 26th November 2021
Office team collaborating on a laptop together.

As we move forward into a world where more than half of all employees will be “hybrid workers,” UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) enables SME businesses to bridge the gap between office and remote workers. More SME businesses are seeing the benefits of UCaaS and making the transition.

UCaaS saves unnecessary expenses, increases productivity, and reduces employee commuting costs, among other benefits. When you provide team members access to critical cloud technologies, you ensure that productivity doesn’t suffer, and your customers still receive the best service even when the office is closed.

Flexibility and scalability are key features of UCaaS. SME businesses have the tools they need to effectively engage with their employees and customers to achieve better workflow outcomes thanks to the inherent capabilities of a UCaaS platform. UCaaS is more than a product; it allows SME businesses to work smarter and faster without being restricted by location.

SME businesses can use UCaaS to ensure that all employees have access to the same software and tools, regardless of where they are, benefiting both the employee and customer.

Improved customer experience

Customers expect a great experience regardless of whether they call, message, or email. UCaaS makes it easier for SME businesses to deliver a high-level customer experience that is consistent, responsive and easy to use. SME businesses can improve customer experience by ensuring better productivity within the workforce without having to drastically increase resources. Customer experience is a key priority for delivering a great service and product – something we are keen to support and activate in businesses.

Cost effective

SMEs can now afford an advanced UCaaS solution without needing to make a significant upfront capital investment. You don’t need to buy lots of expensive technology because UCaaS is hosted in the cloud. In fact, with cloud communications, there are virtually no upfront fees. We can handle your initial setup fees, and you pay for what you use. Furthermore, SMEs are not responsible for costly software updates and maintenance. These crucial responsibilities are delegated to us, your unified communications service provider, so no additional IT personnel are required.

UCaaS allows you to pay only for what you need, with no hidden fees. You can rapidly scale up or down if you experience a spike in call volume or a slower season, allowing you to properly adapt to the needs of your business.


UCaaS enables individuals to work from whichever device and location is most convenient for them, increasing productivity and providing greater control over their workflow. SME employees have options since they can communicate from any device they need to use, including their desktop computer, laptop, desk phone, mobile phone, or tablet.

Users can easily switch between devices and operating systems because all communications are controlled through a single platform. This gives employees freedom as they can switch between chat and video with ease, as well as incorporating any necessary software apps or platforms needed.

As hybrid, remote and flexible ways of working continue to become more integrated into standard ways of working, UCaaS has the ability to empower employees in ‘working from anywhere’. Collaborative working, integrated software and integrated communications are at the core of UCaaS systems and we are supporting this with expert services.

Data protection

One major fear for many businesses when it comes to remote work is that information may be less secure in a cloud environment. Nobody wants to be in violation of GDPR requirements or face additional problems because they lack the proper technology or data management strategy.

This issue can be solved using UCaaS solutions. We can securely store your information in the most appropriate data centres for your purposes. Additional security can be provided by UCaaS vendors in the form of encryption and fraud protection solutions. There are a variety of solutions available that are tailored to meet the specific compliance needs of individual regions and industries.

We are supporting UCaaS solutions

UCaaS solutions are communication platforms designed to improve the way SME businesses work. In terms of cost savings, efficiency, and productivity gains, UCaaS is extremely beneficial for SMEs especially those looking to take their first step toward a more hybrid workforce.

Today’s businesses may use UCaaS technology to bridge the gap between their remote and in-office employees, resulting in a stronger company culture, increased engagement, and increased productivity. Not only is this a great advantage for the workforce but it also has a positive reflection on your customer service experience. We are supporting UCaaS to help SMEs get on the road to hybrid working.

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