Understanding your business mobile phone through data usage

Friday, 10th June 2022
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Business mobiles are an essential part of our working day. We use them for various purposes such as making calls, sending messages, participating in video meetings and keeping in touch with our colleagues, customers and suppliers. We know the importance of understanding your mobile usage so that you can make informed decisions for your business mobile requirements. Keeping track of your data usage while on the move in the era of hybrid working can be tricky. On top of that, if you find your business has data needs that are outgrowing the packages you’ve signed up for, it can be a pain trying to make changes to your plan at the drop of a hat.

What is Enreach Mobile?

We spoke to our customers about what they wanted out of a mobile solution, and the results were clear. Our customers wanted more control, more savings, and more flexibility. And we have a feeling you might want that too, because why wouldn’t you? At Enreach our competitively priced mobile solutions on our own network, make it easy to upgrade or downgrade anytime with ease.

With our simple to use customer portal, our customers are able to check their data usage, add additional data if needed, view SIM packages, track their usage of minutes, text or data, view billing and view their account information, all in one place. We focused on a user-friendly experience making it possible for our customers to manage their business mobile usage from anywhere.

Get the latest updates on your mobile data usage

A common misconception about mobile data also known as wireless data, is that it’s the same as WiFi, and this is not the case. Mobile data uses wireless systems for a long distance transit of data, whereas Wi-Fi data uses a local wireless receiver in your building but the data usually travels through an ethernet line infrastructure.

This effectively does the same job, however if you rely on purely WiFi you are missing out on the flexibility that could be provided for staff on the move, as even if your staff work off site, they may still require and internet connection to get in touch with those in the office. It’s better to have the option available so you can ensure seamless communication wherever you team are working. So how do you know how much data your team requires? There are two main questions to ask:

  • What will my staff need to use data for?
  • How much data are they currently using?

You may be shocked when you look at your phone’s data usage report. But it’s no good being surprised when you have already used all your limits and caused additional charges. With the Enreach Mobile customer portal, you are able to easily keep track of this as you go along, so you can avoid this from happening. The other benefit of Enreach Mobile is when it comes to your mobile packages, your texts and calls are unlimited, so that’s one less thing to keep track of.

Add more mobile data

Sometimes, you may find that you need more data than you initially predicted, this can happen easily, as your business needs for your mobile usage grows, or if you have staff that are often traveling for their job role, for example, you may have representatives from your team attending an off-site expo for a week or maybe you have to occasional travel for meetings. Whatever it is, we allow our customers flexibility and more control with our data plans. If this is a problem, you have come across in the end portal you are able to update your plans or add a one-time additional instalment of more data.

Order new mobile sim cards

Working with many businesses like yours, we understand that scalability is important and with your dedicated Enreach account manager if you notice that your business is expanding and requires more mobiles, it is more accessible than ever to order new mobiles and SIM cards.

With Enreach Mobile, our customer portal can give you a huge amount of insight in your mobile usage, enabling you to cut down on waste, it really is no-brainer. If you are due for an upgrade anytime soon, or a current customer of ours and you would like to make more informed decisions on your mobile plans, give us a call on 0333 3603 723 or email us at enquiries.uk@enreach.com.

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