Video conferencing – your prep list

Friday, 26th June 2020

Video conferencing has always been a communications solution staple, but never more so than during the last few months. With many businesses working remotely, video conferencing has swiftly become a favoured alternative to physical meetings.

Many teams are working flexibly at present, with some team members working from home and some in the office, causing businesses to consider whether a more permanent remote working policy would benefit them in the long-term. Video conferencing is and will definitely continue to pave the way for future working practices in regard to how we communicate.

With this in mind, we wanted to take a closer look at what you need to make sure you get the most out of every video conference you attend, making sure they’re as efficient and effective as any physical face-to-face interaction would be.

Internet connection

Perhaps the most important aspect of making sure you have a successful video conference experience is ensuring your internet connection is fast and reliable. If your connection is slow and/or unreliable, this will almost certainly result in visual disruptions, such as lagging, pixilation and inconsistent audio.

With laptop use, a LAN cable will guarantee your internet connection remains consistent. Furthermore, advanced encryption and password protection will ensure your connectivity is as secure as it can possibly be.

Video conferencing platform

Choosing a video conferencing platform that you’re comfortable with and one that meet your specific needs, will make sure you have the very best video conference experience and get the most out of each meeting. With the heightened need for video conferencing, the market is unsurprisingly saturated with choice and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by what’s available. When deciding on what is best, some common questions to consider are; ‘how many participants can one meeting hold’, ‘should I use a generic platform, or one for corporate use?’, ‘will I be able to present during a meeting?’ and ‘will I be able to record my meetings for future reference?’.

An easy to use platform such as Enreach meetings, a premium video conferencing solution designed for business use, offers an array of features, including private and group video conferencing, screen and document sharing, note taking, instant messaging and the ability to record. Plus, each meeting can include up to 25 participants!

Video phone

For those looking for an ‘all in one’ communications solution, a smart desk phone, such as HD Touch, can do everything your smartphone and tablet can do. Ideal for remote and flexible, working, this portable device features an 8” HD quality screen, free video calling and an advanced mega pixel camera for a crisp and clear picture.

Simply plug in your handset, connect to your WiFi and you’re ready for a video conference, wherever you’re working from!


For the most part, laptops and desktops include a built-in webcam, but the quality may not be what you need to make sure your video conferences are as crisp and clear as possible. External webcams have more space for lenses and additional electronics, so they typically offer improved resolution and better quality audio. Additionally, built-in webcams are often positioned too low, so an external camera will allow you to place it in such a way that you’re able to sit up straight and look directly into the lens. If sound and picture quality are of the up-most importance to you and add value to your video conference experience, then a good quality, external webcam could be a great investment.


Again, headphones aren’t a necessity for video conferencing, but they will provide higher quality audio and make it that much easier to hear, especially during meetings with a large amount of people. Without headphones, the sound coming from the speakers will return through the microphone and produce feedback that could potentially distort audio. A very common video conferencing mistake, this can be easily be avoided with a pair of headphones.

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