VoIP or Landlines?

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021

The business telecoms industry has certainly seen a shift into digital solutions over the traditional communication platforms we are used to working with. The pandemic has definitely accelerated this – businesses up and down the country have realised the positive benefits having centralised digital systems in place, allowing their teams to stay connected and keep trading during a difficult period.  

But now that restrictions are lifting, we don’t want to undo 15 months of learning, implementing and positive change. Businesses are looking to continue the implementation of digital solutions across their teams to help improve productivity, stay connected and continue to serve their customers.  

We’re doing a deep-dive into one particular system that allows you to make calls from a wide range of devices, all on the same number. Read on to find out how a VoIP Phone system can help boost your business.  


VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol), also known as Wi-Fi calling or internet calling, are simply phone calls made over the internet. We have a handy guide on all the ins-and-outs of VoIP here: “What is VoIP?”.  

But unlike an analogue phone system that carries signals across copper wires, VoIP only needs a stable internet connection. 


VoIP is cheaper when used to its maximum potential. Having multiple lines for an individual user can become costly.  

An expensive landline provider can be removed and replaced with a much cheaper SIP Trunking service. As well as this, unifying your landline and phone systems could result in a cheaper bill.  


When you’re on an old legacy system, you’re at the mercy of your providers in terms of how you can scale up your phone systems. With VoIP phones in your business, you’ll be able to easily add new phones to the system. 


Remember that copper line that your old landline phone runs off? That copper line won’t let you connect your phone system with other integrations!  

With VoIP phone systems, you can integrate your phone system with a number of digital platforms that you use, such as your CRM or video conferencing platform.  


The last 15 months have shown us how we can stay connected when we work from home. A VoIP phone system complements how you work from home. If you are based exclusively at home, you can retain full office comms continuity with a VoIP phone, and up your connectivity game.  


Easily keep a log of all your call recordings to easily resolve disputes, train staff and monitor their performance.  Whilst a lot of complex landlines will let you record calls, VoIP integrates with your CRMs, so you can automatically assign calls to customer records and filter through them quickly, helping you find exactly what you’re looking for.  


Auto attendants, also known as virtual receptionists, are the easiest way to divert your calls to the right people. They also save you from the ancient practice of hiring a phone operator! 

Want support with your phone lines, or just some friendly, impartial advice on the best tools to make comms a breeze? Contact us today via our chat function, 0333 3603 723, or email enquiries.uk@enreach.com.

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