What are the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP?

Thursday, 23rd June 2022

VoIP Advantages and Disadvantages

Deciding on a new business phone system can throw out seemingly endless questions. You want to make sure your business, staff, and customers are getting the right level of service to do their work efficiently. Equally, you don’t want to get ripped off, stuck with something too technical and difficult to use, or inadvertently choose something lacking a key feature.

Weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of a system like VoIP is a smart exercise to do before you commit to a brand-new cloud telephone system.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is one of the most up-to-date cloud telephony solutions available. It uses internet connections to packetize voices into data, transmitting them through the internet and to a receiver. VoIP marks a change from being tied to a desk phone, and instead being free to take and make calls anywhere, on any device.

While VoIP is a great system used by many SME businesses and employees, it still has its advantages and negatives – as does any system. Find out more if VoIP could be the right solution for your business telephony needs.


Advantage: Flexibility

For businesses in a post-pandemic world, flexible working solutions are essential. Cloud phone systems like VoIP are ideal for businesses and employees who are adopting hybrid working practices. VoIP allows people to work from home, the office, in the field or even while travelling with no change in quality of service. Seamlessly shift calls between devices, access apps, file share, and engage video wherever you’re working.


Advantage: Scalability

VoIP is a system that scales with your business. It operates on a subscription service, so you only pay for the licences you need to use and don’t waste money on unused spots. This makes it ideal for businesses who are planning to grow, or businesses who have busy seasonal periods and need more licences to cope with call volume. It also means in tougher times, you can contract your service without having to relinquish features or take a drop in quality.


Advantage: Cost and set up

As it doesn’t rely on multiple phone line installations or lots of hardware and wiring, VoIP is much cheaper and easier to set up. Many systems are easy to install in a matter of hours, reducing downtime for a business, and maintenance and support can usually be managed remotely. You also cut out costs like line rental and calling costs (especially international calls).


Disadvantage: Internet connection

VoIP systems rely on having a good quality broadband connection to operate. This means that without a solid internet connection, VoIP services will suffer with lag and call quality will be greatly reduced. For areas that don’t have appropriate levels of internet quality or lack the infrastructure, VoIP services won’t be able to perform to the levels needed.

Fortunately, VoIP doesn’t need exceptionally fast broadband, but it does need good quality broadband. A business internet package should be more than capable of running a VoIP system, so don’t rule it out without speaking to an expert in telecoms first. You can also opt for microwave broadband in your business premises if you lack infrastructure, as this can help boost your internet connectivity.

You could also improve your internet connectivity and VoIP connection performance by have two broadband networks – one for VoIP only, and one for general internet use. Add another safety net by setting up a 4G cellular data back up which can be activated in times of outages so there’s never any drop in connectivity.


Disadvantage: Security

Although network security is much more robust nowadays, as VoIP relies on internet connections to work, the risk of cyber-attacks is still something to be aware of. Hackers could potentially use the VoIP connection to create a data breach or similar.

However, it’s a simple process to help improve your business network security. A security package, such as employing firewalls, two factor authentication, and using off-site servers as standard practice, means a VoIP system is low risk and secure.

To discuss how VoIP could be the right fit for your business, the friendly team at Enreach are on hand to discuss your specific needs and requirements for business phone systems. Explore our range of cloud phone solutions to see how your business can benefit – contact us today.

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