What is a business phone system?

Wednesday, 26th January 2022
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A business phone system is simpler than you might initially think. In short, a business phone system is the collection of devices and software that enables businesses and employees to communicate together and with customers using voice, chat and video.

In this article we look in more detail at the individual parts that make up a business phone system, why they are needed, and how they benefit businesses.

Business phone system hardware

When picturing a business phone system many people think about desk phones or call centres full of people answering telephones. Physical phones are only a very small part of a business phone system, these are the endpoints where the calls are made or received. Physical phone handsets are not actually required in modern cloud based phone systems. The entire system can be accessed using any device with an internet connection. Companies no longer need to invest in expensive hardware that depreciates in value. Softphones can be accessed on computers, smartphones and tablets, these offer the same functionality as a physical desk phone, with additional flexibility.

Some businesses will still choose to have physical desk phones for employees, they are especially useful in an office reception where someone is required to be physically present during opening hours. There are many options and upgrades now available for these phones. The ability to conduct video calls with an integrated screen, chat features, email, browser functionality, and integrated apps. These phones work in a very similar way to any modern smart mobile phone, the difference is they are plugged in, have a larger screen and integrated phone receiver. Take a look at the HD Touch, our game changing business smartphone.

Business phone system software

The software is a critical part of any modern business phone system. The software enables the business phone system to function. It provides all of the features businesses need to connect internally and with customers. Software is one of the key differentiators between business phone system providers. The best business phone system software is user friendly, fast, reliable and provides all of the services a business requires.

Business phone system software can span over a multitude of devices, this includes desktop computers, phone applications, smart desk phone software and more. It is important to select a business phone system provider that regularly updates their software to address any issues. Business phone system providers should also regularly update their software to improve the options and usability for their current and new customers.

Business phone system cloud storage

Another critical part of a business phone system is the storage of data. Phone systems require data to work effectively, and this data needs to be stored securely to avoid any issues. Data includes, customer phone numbers, voicemail, on hold marketing messages, recorded calls and much more. Traditional business phone systems had limited storage and businesses often relied on a separate CRM (customer relationship management) system to hold all of the customer data. Employees would manually type in customer numbers from the CRM system in order to get in contact with a customer.


Cloud based phone systems have the ability to store huge amounts of data on customers in a secure environment that is easily accessible. Many business phone systems also offer CRM integration. This provides more detailed analytics about customers and joins up the sales and marketing department, providing a better more cohesive experience for customers.

Business phone system security

One of the main concerns many businesses have relates to security. Increased flexibility can result in a potential increased risk of security issues. Business phone system providers can protect data issues at the source by using dedicated data centres. At Enreach we host all of our cloud phone system customer data in a secure dedicated data centre.

There are also ways businesses can ensure that employees’ details are not used maliciously to access the data stored in the cloud. Advising employees on the best way to stay safe online and protect data is a key part of business cloud phone security. Remote workers themselves can be a big security risk to business data, take a look at our article How to avoid the security risks of remote working for more advice.

At Enreach we offer business phone systems and cloud phone systems to suit every business need. Use our contact page to get in touch with one of our expert advisers who can help you find the best business phone system for your company.

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