What is a dedicated server?

Friday, 7th June 2019
Dedicated server

A dedicated server offers you complete control of your hosting system allowing for consistent stability but what actually is a dedicated server?

It is fair to say that it is considered the norm for businesses to have a website nowadays. With a website comes the need for some form of web hosting. Having a dedicated server is an alternative method of web hosting. It offers a place to effectively house your website on an entire server as opposed to web hosting where you rent this space alongside a number of other websites. You will be renting a space on the server or the entire server and will receive a set amount of memory, bandwidth and space.

Using a dedicated server to host your website ultimately gives your more control over your website than with any other web hosting option. It means that the space on the server where your website is hosted is dedicated to your website so the traffic to other websites cannot effect the speed of your website, unlike with traditional shared hosting. In addition, your website will be kept separate from any others meaning you will not be vulnerable to security threats.

Dedicated servers are best suited to websites that receive a lot of traffic. Or, websites that require extra security. They most often come with a fully managed service whereby the hosting company maintains the server and your website with things such as; firewall maintenance, data backups, operating updates and disaster recovery.

Benefits of a dedicated server

There are a number of benefits to using a dedicated server including;

  • The exclusive use of dedicated resources
  • Root access to the server, allowing you to add your own software and configure your own settings
  • It is flexible so it can grow with your business
  • Reliable, meaning little to no downtime of your website
  • Increased security
  • High level of privacy

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