What is a virtual landline and how does it work?

Thursday, 7th July 2022
virtual landline

What is a virtual landline?

A virtual landline is a cloud based phone number that allows you to send and receive calls from any location and on any device. Unlike traditional landline telephones, which are tied to a single physical phone line, virtual numbers are not tied to any one physical device. You also have the option to choose a virtual number on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Why would you want flexibility in your communication?
  • You can use your number at home and when traveling without using up minutes on your mobile plan. This is helpful for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for international calls from their business phone plan but still needs access to their regular number while working abroad.
  • Businesses can have telephone numbers with a local area code for callers, even if the business is located in a different location. Virtual landlines are popular among businesses that appear to be located in one location, but they are actually in one or more other locations, even in different time zones.
  • With Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) which uses a virtual UK landline, you can promote a business phone number, and calls ring on your mobile phone. You will be warned you have a business call coming through and all calls are recorded.
  • You can assist your marketing department! Some companies utilize DDIs (direct-dial-ins) to set up virtual telephone numbers, bypassing the main reception number and connecting directly to specific extensions. This can be used for various marketing campaigns or different media channels; to allow them to track which campaign or social channel brings traffic.

How do virtual landline numbers work?

how virtual landlines work

A virtual number is a type of phone number that works like a traditional landline number but can be assigned to any device—physical or mobile. This includes desk phones, mobile phones, and VoIP lines. As the end of ISDN date approaches and the old telephone infrastructure made up of old copper wires is replaced by fibre optic cable and mobile internet, the industry is evolving into something more modern. One where you can use your virtual number to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world just as you would with an ordinary landline or mobile line.

You may also choose to forward all incoming calls directly to one of your other numbers when you’re not available. This allows you to keep your business phone connected at all times so customers will always be able to reach you if needed. Virtual numbers are especially useful for businesses that need their presence in multiple locations around the world or require extra hands-on management of their staff via telecommuting opportunities.

Individuals might find virtual numbers especially useful as well; they’re less expensive than traditional landlines while still providing access everywhere in the country (and sometimes even internationally).

How does a virtual landline compare to a traditional landline?

Virtual landlines are more flexible than traditional landlines. You can use your virtual phone number from any location and with any device. That means you can take your business calls or personal calls from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a strong internet connection.

Virtual landlines are more portable than traditional landlines. You start with our services without the hassle of installing a physical phone line at home or work, simply sign up and begin using them. This is great for people who travel frequently, who work from multiple locations throughout the week, or anyone who just wants to leave their home phone behind when going on vacation!

Benefits of a Virtual Landline Number

A virtual landline is a phone number that doesn’t have any associated physical lines or equipment. You can use the number to make and receive calls on your mobile, at home or wherever you happen to be—it’s portable!

Because it’s not tied to any specific location, a virtual landline can be used with multiple devices. For example:

  • Before leaving town, easily forward calls from your virtual landline to your preferred device, ensuring you stay connected while away.
  • If you have more than one home phone line and don’t want all of them ringing when someone calls into customer service from one of them (or if you’d prefer not having all of them ring when someone else in the house picks up), set up call waiting for each line individually on each device so only one device will ring at a time.
  • With the FMC add-on to services like Enreach Contact, you can have both your personal calls and your business calls coming through on the same mobile, whilst still being able to separate and differentiate between the two, allowing you to take the office with you, wherever you go.
  • Save money on hardware, by linking your virtual number to any device you have available. You can easily switch and sync this number across all your devices, whether it’s a softphone on your computer, mobile device, or telephone.
  • Choose local or geographical number: Outbound call teams often use this feature. It allows them to appear as a local and trusted number on all their calls.

Virtual landlines offer enhanced flexibility in arranging conference calls. Rather than having individuals dial separate numbers and lines, then manually connecting them – a process that can be cumbersome without prior communication. Participants can enter access codes into their phone keypads after dialling, seamlessly connecting everyone via a conference call service.

Virtual Landline Features

If you want to keep your existing landline but don’t want to pay for it, a virtual landline is a perfect solution. A virtual landline replaces a traditional fixed line telephone, providing a more versatile phone number. It works by using VoIP technology and the internet to make calls.

You can use your virtual landline for:

  • Call Forwarding – Forward calls made to landline to another number such as your mobile or another landline (or voicemail). You’ll never miss an important call again.
  • Call Screening – Let callers leave messages when they are unable to reach you, so you’re never out of touch.
  • Incoming Call Waiting – Avoid interruptions while on other calls by adding this feature that lets you know who’s calling so that if it’s urgent then pick up right away!
  • Call Forwarding (when not answered) – If something comes up and there are no outgoing call options available then try forwarding all unanswered incoming calls directly back into their voicemail inboxes instead of leaving them hanging waiting indefinitely until someone picks up later on their own dime.

A virtual landline offers benefits not available from traditional landline service

With a virtual landline, enjoy traditional phone line features without installation or equipment costs. Skip hardware purchases and installation fees. Simply sign up with your service provider and download necessary apps or software on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The best part? You also don’t have to pay for an actual telephone!

How to get a virtual UK landline?

If you want to get a virtual landline, there are a few ways to do it. The first is simply to go with your phone company and ask if they offer any sort of virtual service. Many companies do, but each one will have different options and prices associated with them. At Enreach it really is as as easy as pie. Get in touch with us, we can then find a plan that suits your needs.

Once your Virtual landline set up, all you would need to do is download our softphone app onto any device. You can use that device as a new landline output, a softphone, main office number, and we also throw in the ‘auto attendant’ feature too.

To expand on features not offered with a traditional phone solution, you can get in touch with us to learn the many benefits that a cloud telephony solution can provide, and there are really a lot of benefits! To find out more, or for some friendly advice on any help you may need to create contact magic, give us a call on 0333 3603 723 or email us at enquiries.uk@enreach.com.

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