What is plug and play?

Monday, 23rd March 2020

The phrase ‘plug and play’ has never been more relevant. Originating from the computing world, it first referred to a computer that was delivered to a customer and could simply be plugged in by the end user. It would work without any setup required! Years have passed and the phrase now relates to almost all types of technology, telephony included, and offers huge benefits for those that need to work remotely or from home. With ‘plug and play’ technology, a challenging situation can be made much easier.

Nowadays, a large percentage of desk phones, including the latest version of Android phone systems such as NT Multimedia, are available as plug and play. This means that the phones can be setup however your company requires, before the phones are even installed. This allows you to use your phone as soon as it is delivered to your office or home without any long setup and wait times.

This is a huge benefit to businesses who are currently working remotely and adjusting to a new way of working. You can simply take your desk phone home, plug it into a power socket and get connected. Alternatively, if you were using more traditional handsets in your office, you’re now able to upgrade to a new system that comes ready to use. The beauty of plug and play is that this can all be done without the need for an engineer to physically be on site.

Plug and play is standard for almost all business laptops. Even if your business didn’t previously use laptops, you are able to reap the benefits of plug and play, as your new laptop can arrive fully configured and ready to go! As with the telephony equipment, any additional setup required, such as a VPN, can be done remotely.

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