The relationship between your customer service and phone system

Wednesday, 18th April 2018

Great customer service is crucial for any business. Regardless of size, sector or trade, the execution of a successful customer service plan can improve your business’ customer retention levels and create loyal, happy ambassadors for your brand.

Whether you’re dealing with existing, new or potential customers, it’s important to maintain high levels of customer service before, during and after a purchase so that you create an enjoyable user experience and boost customer satisfaction.

Customer service is important as it can increase customer loyalty, increase the value of each customer (encouraging them to spend more, buy more often or take more of your services) and generate positive referrals for your company.

By encouraging good customer service skills within your business – like quickly following up on enquiries, handling complaints helpfully, exceeding your customers’ expectations and always treating your customers with respect – you can ensure that your company puts your customers at the centre of its business model and continues to grow and prosper.

At Enreach, we know how valuable customers and great customer service are to a business. Here are just a few of our tips for how your office phone system could help you to implement some of your customer service plans and support you in your day-to-day operations.

CTI to personalise call greetings

With CTI (computer telephony integration) you can connect your telephone to your computer and integrate with your CRM system. This means that when a customer calls in, you’ll see all of the details and notes held about them on your CRM system. By displaying the caller’s ID in a small notification window on your computer, you can quickly and easily see their name and the details of any previous correspondence.

CTI allows you to start a conversation with a personal greeting, means that your customer doesn’t have to repeat information they’ve given on previous calls and is a simple way to make your customers feel valued.

Music on hold to reduce perceived wait times

Did you know that 60% of callers put on hold with no messages or music will hang up? By utilising advertising on hold, not only can you reduce perceived wait times and remind your customers that they are in a queue, but you can upsell your products and services to a captive audience.

Call Recording to confirm details

We’ve all done it. We’ve all hung up the phone only to wonder whether we’ve taken the right address or worry that we misheard a customer’s name. With call recording, instead of having to call a customer back and risk looking unprofessional, you can simply replay a call and confirm any details you need. Not only does this reduce the risk of mistakes and mix ups with orders further down the line, but it keeps your customer happy and confident in your abilities.

Call Management to track performance

By using call management software, you can track the performance of your business and identify areas for improvement and streamlining. Which staff or departments are taking too long to answer the phone? How many people called your business yesterday and hung up or got a busy tone? Might they have then called your competitor? What is the cost of missing a potential order? Call management gives you a complete cradle-to-grave view of every internal and external call on your phone system, allowing you to control your communications and help improve your customer experience in problem areas.

Want to find out how our telephony solutions can help you increase your productivity and reduce your costs? Or are you just looking for some friendly, impartial advice on the best tools to make communicating a breeze? We can help! Contact us today via our live chat, call 0333 3603 423, or email

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