Why video calling should be more than internal

Thursday, 11th June 2020
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We’ve spoken a lot about how video calling can be a major advantage to businesses who are working remotely. It keeps teams connected and makes it easier to share documents, discuss tasks and keep up team morale. However, it’s important to consider the benefits that video calling can have externally. Here we discuss the various industries that have already been using video conferencing to keep in touch with their customers and suppliers.

With government guidelines in place, estate agents were unable to physically show houses. But, as the property market has such a big impact on the UK economy, it has been essential to get this industry started again. This is where video calling came in. Not only can estate agents have video calls with customers to discuss their needs, but they can provide virtual tours of available properties.

Virtual house tours have enabled potential buyers to view a property clearly from the safety of their own homes, whilst having the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. But, it’s not just house tours that can be done via video calling. Many mortgage appointments can also be conducted via video calling. This has meant that lenders can get back to work safely without having to welcome clients into their physical office.

The education industry is another prime example of using video conferencing externally. Not only have teachers and lecturers been utilising video conferencing to communicate with each other, but they’ve been holding lessons and lectures via video conferencing too. This has allowed students to continue learning throughout the lockdown period to make sure that none of their syllabus is missed out.

The manufacturing and motor industries are also great examples of the benefits of external video conferencing. Car dealerships have been offering tours of their cars via video conferencing, allowing potentially buyers can look around the car, go for a virtual test drive and discuss their needs with the salesman as though they were in the showroom. When it comes to manufacturing, businesses have begun to get back to work, talking to their suppliers via video calls so  that they can get the parts they need, whilst keeping up a good rapport with suppliers. This allows them to complete orders for their customers without unnecessary delays.

When it comes to creative industries, such as graphic designers and web developers, external video conferencing has had a huge impact. These types of businesses have seen a huge demand, as more companies than ever before have moved to online platforms and require things like new websites and new social media profiles. Video conferencing has allowed the creative industries to take on new clients, as well as help existing clients, by allowing face to face discussion on briefs at the touch of a button.

The legal industry has also continued to work throughout lockdown, assisting clients old and new, via video calls. They are able to record the video meetings allowing them to keep their records up to date and effectively charge for their time.

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