Work from home: A business survival kit

Friday, 17th December 2021
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Have you set your staff up for remote working yet? If not, you probably should. Following the recent government announcement to roll out ‘Plan B’ restrictions again, this means that many of your staff will now be required to work from home if they can. At Enreach we understand how hard it is to run a company effectively with a divided team. This is why we are able to support you throughout the latest changes. You could almost say it is a survival kit for a continuous workflow regardless of what is thrown at you in the future.

It’s time to adopt a unified communications strategy

With Hybrid working here to stay, it is now more important than ever to take care of your comms so that your business can communicate and collaborate whenever is needed, to avoid the sudden panic of not being able to access work. With a Unified Communications strategy, you can ensure that your workforce can keep communicating efficiently even when they’re absent from their desk. Whether they’re working from home, or from a client’s premises, your staff should still enjoy an ‘in office’ experience thanks to our brilliant selection of business telecoms solutions.

Cloud phone systems

When remote working employees are apart from their normal working environment, communication with those who are office-based can feel a little strained. With a cloud phone system like Enreach Contact, your employees can see who is available to take a call without even being in the room.  Not only this, but this system offers them the flexibility to call anytime anywhere.

Business mobiles

A business mobile is an essential piece of equipment for those who work outside the office, whether it be on the road, or at home. This allows people to keep in touch, and when used in conjunction with a cloud phone system, a call divert can even be used to direct any incoming calls from the office straight to their mobile phone, making sure they never miss a call from being out-of-office again.

Business broadband

A reliable internet connection is essential, especially with the transition to VoIP. With hybrid working here to stay and the new push for people to work from home if they can, extra support can be provided to employees with poor internet connections at home by installing business-grade broadband at their premises.

Video calling

Video call software is an excellent feature for businesses to have. It can support staff working from home, or global business connections. Video calling has completely changed the way that businesses can operate. With video calling software, like Enreach Meetings, you can hold meetings and even interviews from anywhere. It even helps offices that have a mixture of office-based and remote workers. With the work from home measures, it also means that you can plan for the year ahead even though you can’t all be together.

At Enreach we can offer innovative unified communications solutions all in one place. With our help you can use one virtual number across all devices and even incorporate voice, email, video and instant messaging. Not only this but we can also support you with your office phone systems, cloud phone systems, business mobiles, as well as a computer integrated softphone. These can all talk to each other leaving your business with seamless communications wherever your employees are.

For more information on how we can better understand your business needs and support you in this time, you can get in touch with our team at or 0333 3603 723.

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