The largest organisations demand the smallest details to be perfect. That’s where we come in. We look at every aspect of your communication and deliver a bespoke solution that can scale with you, unifying your teams and customers, wherever they are.


An enterprise phone system, also known as a corporate phone system or business phone system, is a telecommunications platform designed for use in large organisations. It allows companies to manage all their internal and external communication needs, including voice calls, voicemail, email and video conferencing.

Enterprise phone systems can be on-premise or cloud-based, and they often include features such as call forwarding, call recording, call queuing, and automatic call distribution (ACD). These systems can also integrate with other business tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, to provide a seamless communication experience for employees and customers.

Enterprise phone systems are particularly useful for companies with multiple locations or remote workers, as they allow employees to communicate with each other and with customers regardless of their physical location. They can also help businesses streamline their communication processes, reduce costs, and improve customer service.


One minute where you cannot communicate with your colleagues, customers and suppliers is one minute too many: that’s why we focus so heavily on developing completely dependable, utterly robust business phone, mobile, broadband and IT capabilities.

As well as a rock-solid communications infrastructure, we make sure you’re totally secure against hackers and viruses – in fact we’ll pick off threats without you even needing to know about them. We also throw a safety net over your whole business with our disaster recovery solutions. If disaster does hit, we’ll have you back up and running within hours – and possibly even minutes.


You might have staff in multiple offices, warehouses, vehicles, working from home, working abroad… we’ll keep everyone connected as if they were just across the room.

You get this flexibility through Enreach’s cloud phone systems, which not only move wherever you go but can also add the extra touches that give you the competitive advantage, such as auto attendant, screen sharing, video conferencing, and integration with other software such as CRM and email.


Flip live calls from your desk phone to your mobile if you need to leave your desk. On your laptop, log into your built-in softphone from your browser and make calls from anywhere; stay in touch with your team and find out if they’re available via your global address book on your laptop, mobile, handset or tablet.

You’ll also save money on expensive hardware and if you’re growing, we can scale your phone system exactly as you need – and we’ll do it instantly.

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A superfast internet connection has never been more important. With the move to video conferencing as part of our daily business lives, your connection’s speed and reliability is the foundation for good communication and increased productivity.

Your organisation needs staff in different locations, on different devices to be constantly and securely connected, and able to share large volumes of files at any moment. We have many broadband options – superfast fibre, EFM broadband, assured broadband and ultra-fast, ultra-reliable leased lines – and together we’ll select the one that fits your business and your budget perfectly.

We’ll do the same with your mobiles, which are at the heart of this new way of working and are vital in keeping you in touch with colleagues and customers anywhere, anytime, making you reassuringly available.


Make your phone system part of your sales force with these features:

  • Call management: not only do you never miss a sale or important conversation, you can also manage, analyse and control the way your business talks.
  • Call recording: a brilliant training tool, a useful aide memoire and an invaluable back-up in case of disputes.
  • On-hold marketing: want an opportunity to talk directly to your customers, giving your key messages uninterrupted? On-hold marketing maximises exposure to a captive audience.
  • Enreach Meetings: video conferencing without any external software or any downloads – simple, fast, reliable, comprehensive and without some of the more common glitches found elsewhere…


There are several phone system options available for enterprise businesses, each with unique features. Here are some of the most common options:

On-premise PBX

An on-premise PBX (private branch exchange) system is a traditional phone system that is installed on site at your business. It typically requires a significant upfront investment for hardware and installation. However, it offers the highest level of control and customisation.

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Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX system is a cloud-based phone system that is managed by a third-party provider such as Enreach. It requires less upfront investment than an on-premise PBX, but may have ongoing monthly costs for service and support.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows phone calls to be made over the internet. A VoIP system can be on-premise or hosted, and offers a wide range of features and scalability to grow with your business.

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Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) refers to a solution that integrates multiple communication channels such as phone, email, instant messaging, and video conferencing into a single platform. UC can be on-premise or hosted and is designed to improve collaboration and productivity.

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Hybrid PBX

A hybrid PBX system combines on-premise and cloud-based components to provide a flexible and scalable solution. This option offers the best of both worlds, with the control and customisation of an on-premise system and the flexibility and scalability of a hosted solution.

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Cloud Hosted

A cloud hosted phone system is a fully cloud-based solution that is managed by a third-party provider such as Enreach. It is a cost-effective and easy-to-use option that requires no on-premise hardware or installation.


Your route to seamless communications is through a converged contact solution, combining cloud telephony, a superfast or ultrafast internet connection, bespoke mobile and the I.T. infrastructure to support it all. Enreach has the best SLAs in business telephony and our long-serving employees take pride in giving you only the best service. And when you need us, you don’t have to search around to find the right person – you have one point of contact always available to you and ready to respond.

Contact us so we can find the perfect communications combination for your business.


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When looking for an enterprise phone system, it’s important to consider the following factors:

Features: Look for a phone system that offers all the features your business needs, such as call routing, voicemail, conferencing, and mobile integration. We also recommend considering features like auto-attendant, IVR, and call recording.

Scalability: Make sure the phone system can grow and adapt as your business evolves. A flexible and scalable phone system is essential for businesses that are expanding or have multiple locations.

Reliability: Look for a phone system that is reliable and can ensure maximum uptime. Consider factors such as redundancy, failover capabilities, and backup options to ensure you get a solution you can rely on.

Security: Ensure the phone system offers robust security measures to protect your business and customer data. Look for features such as encryption, secure login, and two-factor authentication.

Ease of use: Choose a phone system that is easy to use and manage. A user-friendly interface, intuitive controls, and self-service options can save time and reduce training costs.

Support and maintenance: Consider the level of support and maintenance offered by the phone system provider. Look for a provider that offers responsive customer support, proactive maintenance, and regular software updates.

Cost: Consider the total cost of ownership, including hardware, software, maintenance, and support. Compare the costs of different phone system options and choose one that fits your budget and provides the best value for your business.

By considering these factors, you can choose an enterprise phone system that meets your business needs and helps you improve communication, enhance your  customer service, increase productivity, and reduce costs.


Our phone systems come fully loaded with features to keep business continuity and improve productivity.

Cloud Phone Systems

The complete communication solution for your business. Whatever your size we can help keep you connected.

Microsoft 365

Supercharge the apps you use everyday by moving them to the cloud. Easily share and collaborate across devices.

Superfast Broadband

Get the connection speeds you need with rock solid reliability and support for on site and hybrid working.


Enterprise phone systems typically offer a wide range of features designed to improve communication and collaboration within a business. Here are some of the most common features found in enterprise phone systems that can help your business:

  1. Auto-attendant: A virtual receptionist that answers incoming calls and provides a menu of options for callers to direct their call to the appropriate person or department.
  2. Call queuing: A feature that allows incoming calls to be placed in a queue, with callers receiving an estimated wait time and the option to leave a message or request a call back.
  3. Call recording: Record all calls for training, quality assurance, and legal purposes.
  4. Call routing: The ability to route calls based on specific criteria, such as time of day, caller ID, or the department they’re trying to reach.
  5. Conference calling: Conduct audio or video conference calls with multiple participants with ease.
  6. Voicemail: A messaging system that allows callers to leave a message when your team members are unavailable.
  7. Unified messaging: The ability to access voicemail, email, and other messages in a single inbox.
  8. Presence: The ability to see the status of your colleagues, such as whether they are available to take an incoming call, already on a call, or away from their desk.
  9. Mobile integration: Use your mobile device as an extension of the office phone system, with features such as call forwarding and voicemail access.
  10. Analytics and reporting: The ability to track call metrics such as call volume, call duration, and call abandonment rate.
  11. Integration with other business tools: Integrate your phone system with other business tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, help desk software, and collaboration tools.
  12. Multi-site connectivity: Our solution can connect multiple locations across your business, allowing you to manage your phone system centrally and avoid the complexity of multiple phone systems.

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