How do I get a virtual UK Phone number?

You, much like many global business owners may be asking yourself how you can get a virtual UK Phone number? Lucky for you, we will breakdown some of the most asked questions online in this post. And if you are looking to buy one, you can follow the link in the end of the post to finish the job.

What is a virtual landline number?

A virtual landline number is a number that lives in the cloud. The number is not locked to a physical location or building. It can be called by anyone, anywhere and will redirect calls to the phone or phones of your choosing. You can also use a virtual landline number to dial out to a customer from anywhere and the call receiver will see your company telephone number rather than the device number that you are using. Virtual landline numbers are a modern solution that allows businesses to be flexible on their working habits, unrestricted by geographical location, phone, mobile or a physical need to be in an office.

How do virtual landline numbers work?

A Virtual landline number is a telephone number that is hosted on the cloud. When someone calls the number you have chosen, the caller is directed to a server on the internet which receives the call.
The server is configured to your requirements to manage the call, you can also add features such as auto attendants. If you used an auto attendant, the customer can select who or which department they wish to speak to, they are then transferred to that user/users either through the internet or if staff are in an offline location it would use a traditional phone number.
When dialing from the office the phones use the internet to connect to your server and dial out using the virtual landline number.
If you wanted to dial out using your company phone number on a mobile device you use the softphone app installed, it connects to your server online and then redirects out to the customer.

All with only one number, simple to remember, the customer none the wiser.

What is best practice for a virtual landline number?

When choosing a virtual landline number with an area code prefix it is advised that you actively provide a service in that area, although a office is not required.
It might appear disingenuous to a potential customer to find out later that you do not provide a service in that area whilst holding a local area code number.
It is also advised that the currency that you transact in is local to the country which you are holding the number.

How do I get a virtual London number?

Having a London area code number (020) can help businesses generate trust whilst targeting potential customers in the UK’s largest city.
It’s easy to create a virtual London number, contact us and one of our staff members can create a number within minutes. You don’t need a London office or any special documentation to start either.
A virtual London number will allow you to receive calls and dial customers whilst displaying the London area code number of your choice.

What is the difference between VoIP and a virtual landline Number?

VoIP and virtual landline numbers are different parts of the same puzzle.

A virtual landline is the number that is hosted on the internet that people call and will be transferred to a wherever number or device you need. The customer will engage the whole call without knowing that they have been transferred to a different number.

A VoIP phone system is a telephone system which uses the technology VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to transfer your voice across the internet digitally to it’s intended location.

Can a virtual landline number receive voicemail?

This is dependent on your phone package through your provider. If you do have a modern phone system like the ones Enreach provides this will allow you to receive voice mails through your virtual landline number and then email them to your device.

Virtual business UK Number Tips

You can call whilst abroad on Wi-Fi without roaming charges
If your business requires you to travel you can save money on expensive roaming charges by using a virtual UK business number and mobile softphone connected to Wi-Fi. If you are required to make a call you can find a local free Wi-Fi hotspot and create calls like you were in the office.
Your business number can make your business anywhere with virtual local telephone codes
Virtual phone numbers can be anywhere, you could have a number in London, Birmingham, and Manchester that all forward to your phone that you use in the office. No matter where your office is located.

How do I get a virtual UK phone number?

To get a virtual UK phone number you should begin by speaking to one of our experts about business telephone numbers. They evaluate your business needs and advise you on how you should go forward. Our phone service addons can make the process of having virtual UK phone numbers extremely easy to integrate as part of a simple workflow.

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